Tri-Sector Consulting is a boutique consulting firm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that provides support and expertise to innovative ventures and organizations aiming to solve society’s most pressing challenges.

Embodying the six characteristics of a Tri-Sector Leaderand leveraging research and experience in the areas of Change ManagementCross-Sectoral Collaboration, Theory of Changeand the Constellation Model of Collaborative Change, Tri-Sector Consulting is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your vision of systemic change.


Six Characteristics of Tri-Sectors Leaders

(Lovegrove, Thomas, 2013):

  1. Balanced motivations. A desire to create public value no matter where they work, combining their motivations to wield influence (often in government), have social impact (often in nonprofits) and generate wealth (often in business)
  2. Transferable skills. A set of distinctive skills valued across sectors, such as quantitative analytics, strategic planning and stakeholder management
  3. Contextual intelligence. A deep empathy of the differences within and between sectors, especially those of language, culture and key performance indicators
  4. Integrated networks. A set of relationships across sectors to draw on when advancing their careers, building top teams, or convening decision-makers on a particular issue
  5. Prepared mind. A willingness to pursue an unconventional career that zigzags across sectors, and the financial readiness to take potential pay cuts from time to time
  6. Intellectual thread. Holistic subject matter expertise on a particular tri-sector issue by understanding it from the perspective of each sector