Tammy Maloney BA, MBASocial Entrepreneur,  Change Management Leader, Process Improvement Specialist and Cross-Sectoral Collaboration Expert: My dream is to transform our systems so they create opportunities for ALL people to live their lives as an “expression of their potential as human beings.” 


Across the globe, industries, and sectors, I have united people towards a shared vision to achieve transformational change.

In addition to passion, the following strengths set me apart:

• Incomparable local and international experience in stakeholder engagement, community and government relations, strategic planning, governance, change management, process improvement, and management reporting in the public, private and non-profit sectors.
• Strong community, government and industry network.
• Strategic, analytical and creative mind with a gift for transforming complexity into solutions.
• Educational foundation that marries business with people.
• Leading-edge social media skills.
• Rural values with an urban spirit.

I grew up working in a family-owned, small business. It was here I discovered a love and talent for continuously improving the effectiveness of operations to increase customer service, as well as the bottom-line. During my 10-year career in the oil and gas industry, I was known as a change leader. I played a significant role in the transformation of several organizations based on my keen ability to learn and understand the different cultures, languages, and goals of each department and to improve, develop and implement processes that bridged the communication gaps between them.

In 2006, determined to use my passion and strengths in service of a better world, I attended the IESE Business School in Spain, ranked #1 in the world by The Economist in 2009, where I obtained a Master of Business Administration in the field of social entrepreneurship.  Upon graduation, my career as a change leader continued at the William J. Clinton Foundation. My gift for bridging cultural and agenda divides to achieve positive change was tested and proven effective. I built strong relationships with influencers in all three sectors, including the Federal Ministry of Health, UNICEF and Nestle. I quickly learned and absorbed the complexities of the Nigerian health care system and developed a cross-sectoral collaboration strategy to address malnutrition nationwide.

Inspired and driven, I returned to Calgary in 2010 with a dream of helping it become the first city to create prosperity and health for ALL. I have poured my passion, heart, and soul into finding community-based solutions that address the market failures that leave some Calgarians behind. My combined experience at the Mustard Seed, Avenue 15, Tuxedo Park Community Association, and my consulting work with the City’s Strong Neighbourhoods Initiative, has deepened my understanding of the relationships and social supports needed to build strong, safe, and inclusive communities. It has also strengthened my gift for finding common ground amongst differing opinions and guiding teams towards consensus, as well as my skill at designing and facilitating stakeholder engagement workshops.

If you are a forward-thinking organization in need of change, I would welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your full potential.