Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Planning

Community Economic Development


• Worked with the City of Calgary, Momentum, 3 levels of government and the Highland Industrial Park to perform a needs assessment and develop a community economic development strategy for the local business area.

• Designed and facilitated a Highland Park Small Business Summit. The summit provided a forum for local businesses to talk about challenges associated with the economic downturn. In addition to 83 business owners, the event was attended by both municipal and provincial elected officials, who were able to provide information on funding resources for small businesses and were given an opportunity to listen to the concerns of the owners.

• Provided strategic direction to Thrive: Calgary’s Community Economic Development Network as a 4-year member of their Steering Committee.

Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Finance


• Provided strategic direction to the Community Commerce Roundtable facilitated by Calgary Economic Development (CED).
• Worked with a group of Calgary’s leading social entrepreneurs to pilot the launch of a social innovation and co-work space.
• Mapped Calgary’s social entrepreneurship ecosystem.
• Provided strategic direction to the Government of Alberta’s Social Policy Framework and Social Innovation Endowment Fund.

Change Management

  • Managed the project to implement the Enhanced Production Audit Program in a medium-sized midstream gas company.
  • Evaluated, redesigned and implemented a streamlined set of operational processes to support the rapid growth of a 4-year old start-up.

Tri-Sector Collaboration

Social and Community Cohesion


• Designed and launched several neighbourhood sharing initiatives, including #YYCshares, in collaboration with local businesses, churches, community groups and social service agencies.
• Provided strategic direction to the Strong Neighbourhoods Initiative Collaborative, Federation of Calgary Communities and the Tuxedo Park Community Association.

Youth Homelessness

group-for-keri• Mapped the homelessness and youth ecosystems in Calgary.
• Designed and piloted SEA CHANGE NATION, a youth-focussed, social enterprise model selected by the Government of Canada to be featured in the report “Harnessing the Power of Social Finance: Canadians respond to the National Call for Concepts”.

Poverty Reduction

_s7c1154• Engaged multiple stakeholders within the public and private sectors in order to identify innovative and collaborative solutions to address the complex social challenge of poverty.
• Successfully advocated for the inclusion of private sector solutions within the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative strategy.

Alberta Party


• Provided strategic direction to the economic, healthcare and social policy committees.
• Built strong relationships across the province with business leaders, government officials, policy makers, industry groups, sustainability and environmental experts and influencers.

Child Malnutrition


• Joined the William J. Clinton Foundation to spearhead the development of Nigeria’s strategy to address malnutrition. Fostered alliances between the various stakeholders including the Federal Ministry of Health, Nestle and UNICEF.

Doing Good, Doing Well Conference

dgdw• Led a high performance, ~100 member team in the organization of the leading European MBA Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, Responsible Business and the Triple Bottom Line. Increased attendance by ~30% and transitioned the conference from a CSR and philanthropy focus to a focus on business. Supported the launch of the inaugural IESE Cleantech Venture Forum.